Please find below my published pieces. Click on the newspaper or blog to view:

How workspace design is being shaped by the modern age entrepreneur (February 2016)


2015: The beginning of the corporate culture apocalypse (December 2015)
(As read by Richard Branson)


Could the UK ever have a British Indian Prime Minister? (November 2015)


Will the death of the invoice lead to more ethical business? (October 2015)


We are living in the greatest generation of Entrepreneurship (May 2015)


Do we have a right Not to be offended in Our Religious Beliefs? (January 2015)


Dangerous combination of drugs and loneliness fuels young bankers (January 2014)


Banksy makes a Splash in New York – but what will become of the murals? (October 2013, The Guardian)


How to change a Company from the Inside (December 2013, The Guardian)


Speech delivered by The Baroness Verma to the House of Lords on Women’s Progress in Africa  (March 2009, wrote it as Lady Verma’s speechwriter/researcher)


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