About Me

05a98523eb9fa4b7c441b5736afb98a2Hey- I’m Varun! I’m interested in the world and passionate about making a difference.

I was born and raised in Ilford, Essex and then South Woodford, East London. I studied at Ilford County High School graduating in 2008. After a gap year and travelling the world, I took up a place at the London School of Economics, graduating in 2012 with Honours in Law LLB.

I was formally working in US Treasury Compliance & Settlements for UBS Investment Bank in New York City. I ditched the corporate rat race to help build Hubble, a tech startup in London, whilst chasing my dream of launching my own startup in the coming days. Hubble is a seed-funded startup backed by James Caan and Seedcamp which matches companies with spare office space.

I am particularly keen on writing about insights, lessons and life stories I have learned growing up. You can check out some of my newspaper publications/speeches I have written here.

I love spending my spare time reading on personal development, listening to all genres of music, bhangra dancing, art, religion, politics, world travel, whisky, personal fitness/gym and spending time with my family.
Keen supporter of Manchester United, India Cricket Team and Kings XI Punjab.

Always up for meeting for coffee (or something stronger). Get in touch via email or the social media links on the home page: Home

Live With Passion!

7 Comments on “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you Varun.

    I also have some similar thoughts and that’s the reason I decided to become an entrepreneur and helping other by simplifying their day to day life.

    Thanks for being online and motivating me and others !

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