About Varun

Hey- I’m Varun! I’m passionate about making a difference through technology, innovation and art.

I was born and raised in Ilford, Essex and then South Woodford, East London.

I am currently co-founder & CEO of social impact startup: Unhoused.org.

I studied Law LLB at the LSE and a PgD in Entrepreneurship at University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.

I was formally working in US Treasury Compliance for UBS Investment Bank in New York City. But I ditched the corporate rat race to help start and build Hubble, a tech startup in London. Hubble is a venture capital backed startup backed by JLL SPark, Starwood Capital, EF, James Caan and Seedcamp which matches companies with spare office space.

I am particularly keen on writing about technology, politics, startups and personal development. You can check out some of my newspaper publications I have written or given commentary to here.

I love spending my spare time reading on personal development, listening to all genres of music, art, religion, politics, world travel, whisky, personal fitness/gym and spending time with my family.

Always up for meeting for coffee (or something stronger). Get in touch via email or the social media links on the home page: Home

Live With Passion!


  1. Robinsh

    Nice to meet you Varun.

    I also have some similar thoughts and that’s the reason I decided to become an entrepreneur and helping other by simplifying their day to day life.

    Thanks for being online and motivating me and others !

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