Taking a step into the unknown: My blog’s first year!

Well, this is a short annual post where I get to pull the blanket a little bit about my blog on it’s 1 year anniversary this week.

2013 was an amazing year for me and especially because I finally got my blog off the ground and bought the http://www.varunbhanot.com domain name.
I was inspired by a number of friends/acquaintances on my social networks who had blogs and realized it would be an incredible platform to discuss my views, opinions, hopes, dreams, failures and successes.
I have to admit it was daunting and scary hosting my own page especially in today’s climate where everyone is so cautious over their digital footprint. But it’s amazing what happens once you take a leap of faith and give yourself a platform to post to. The ideas and themes start flooding into your head, now you have forced yourself to open up to the world.
I have a new found respect for people who blog and write because it is not easy to open up in such a direct and personal way. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram only give little nuggets of words and images to your followers, whereas I feel a WordPress blog (such as this) strips you bare. You’re naked in your words and posts, and the world is your audience.

I have a confession that I have actually more unpublished pieces sitting in my drafts than the mere 9 posts that I have put out in the last year. But those of you who write will know that every piece is a little seed, and you have to wait till it’s fully developed and ripe before you can hurl your fruit into the cybersphere!
Well, 2014 means that I will get those pieces out – no matter how controversial or personal they may be.
Starting this blog lead to many wonderful things in 2013 such as several pieces commissioned for The Guardian, numerous guest blogs for companies, most notably ACW Marketing firm, as well as acquaintances coming out of the woodwork just for a chat. If you open up, I believe others want to too.

I have been so impressed with the reach of this site over 2013 and hope to use it as a force for social good and interaction.
So here’s the stats!

My blog to date has been read in 53 different countries across all 6 continents!

Including (from most views to least): United Kingdom, United States, India, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, France, Mexico, UAE, Switzerland, Uganda, Denmark, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Morocco, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, Cambodia, Finland, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Nicaragua, Algeria, Indonesia, Hungary, Qatar, Philippines, Austria, Pakistan, Cyprus, Norway, Saint Lucia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Italy, Bangladesh, Croatia, Fiji, Malta, Poland and last but not least, Israel! 

Here is an infographic showing the spread of countries my blog has hit (darker shade = higher views). I hope to expand my reach even further this year.

Blog stats

Thank you to all my international followers for giving my site a chance! I most certainly have to thank my Facebook friends for being so enthusiastic towards my posts, as well as my Twitterati for the retweets, and my LinkedIN pros who have been re-sharing and droping me likes. Thank you – filled with so much gratitude for helping me along the way. Not to forget those who commented directly on my posts (including my friends just taking the piss as usual lol).
If you know me, you know how much I love ‘likes.’ If you do not have a blog, take a leap of faith for 2014 and open yourself up to the world. The world has a way of reciprocating the wishes you broadcast into it.



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