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Bringing tech and social impact together, my wife and I founded unhoused.org: the UK’s First Online Shop for the Homeless. 
It’s Amazon.com, but for warm clothing & supplies. For every item sold, we donate one. 
In 2019, we designed and sold the world’s first self-cleaning hoodie, powered by nanotechnology. 
We have distributed 100,000+ items to date and helped the lives of 10,000+ people.
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I don’t mess about when it comes to romance.

One of my greatest achievements was managing to convince a farmer to plough “Marry Me, Anisha?”
200 feet across his corn field. She said yes as we flew over, and then I convinced Disneyland to host our wedding. 
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After a stint on London’s Entrepreneur First tech startup incubator,I joined the founding team of startup Hubble as employee #1.
Hubble’s ambition is to become the Airbnb of Office Space.
We raised over $7,000,000 in venture capital and have helped 1000s of businesses love where they work.

Before I made some headlines, I wrote some headlines.

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before all that


Born and Raised in the East End, I studied Law at the London School of Economics.

After a brief stint on Wall Street for UBS Investment Bank, I decided the future was in tech and left to help founder Hubble.

I completed my postgraduate studies at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and am now launching my own startup.
I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

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